The Magnificent Seventeen.

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The Magnificent Seventeen.

Various., Lindsay Radford.


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The Magnificent Seventeen is a musical adventure through 17 famous works of poetry and prose, with renowned Australian narrator and producer, Lindsay Radford.
1. 'The Creation', from The Book Of Genesis, in The Bible.
2. 'The Passionate Shepherd To His Love', by Christopher Marlowe.
3. 'The Daffodils', by William Wordsworth.
4. 'Sonnet 43 (How Do I Love Thee ?)', by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
5. 'The Man From Snowy River', by Andrew Barton Paterson.
6. 'The Village Blacksmith', by Henry Longfellow.
7. 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade', by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
8. 'The Bixby Letter', by Abraham Lincoln.
9. 'She Walks In Beauty', by Lord Byron.
10. 'The Destruction Of Sennacherib', by Lord Byron.
11. 'To A Skylark', by Percy Shelley.
12. 'Written The Night Before His Execution', by Chidiock Tichborne.
13. 'Soliloquy From Romeo And Juliet', by William Shakespeare.
14. 'Monologue From Julius Caesar', by William Shakespeare.
15. 'Soliloquy From Hamlet', by William Shakespeare.
16. 'Sonnet 17', by William Shakespeare.
17. 'Sonnet 18', by William Shakespeare.