It Will Happen

It Will Happen

A heart-breaking journey to motherhood through recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Laura Buckingham


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How many times have you heard the words, "It will happen?" For Laura and her husband, Scoop, the phrase that once brought comfort, hope and reassurance began to lose all positive meaning. When they first started trying for a baby, they had no idea what they would be in for. After the heartbreak of each loss, when the world around her frustratingly seemed to carry on like normal, Laura struggled to cope with her inability to do something others seemed to find so easy. In this candid memoir, she shares her isolating experiences and talks openly and honestly about how she and her husband navigated the harsh realities of their rollercoaster journey to parenthood. It Will Happen covers: - trying to conceive and the strain on relationships
- miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancies
- jealousy and resentment
- treatments and testing
- the anxiety of pregnancy and motherhood after loss
- communicating with people in these situations Written from the heart of someone with first-hand experiences, It Will Happen gives you tools and information to feel empowered and supported through the difficult times when trying to conceive. Who ever really knows what WILL happen? What's important is that it CAN happen.


Laura Buckingham:
Laura Buckingham is a wife, mother, nurse and blogger. She has been on an incredible journey to start her family, dealing with recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss.
She started blogging to help process her thoughts and emotions during some of her darkest times but soon found that it was helping others too. Many people reached out to Laura and it was clear that her story could provide some hope for others who were on similar journeys.
She has also joined forces with another miscarriage mumma to create a podcast named 'The Worst Girl Gang Ever'. It focuses on open and honest conversations surrounding miscarriage and pregnancy loss.
Laura lives in Kent with Scoop, Bertie, Cooper the dog and Ernie the tortoise.
She hopes this book will help you navigate your own journey and that you enjoy reading her memoir.