Know Well (Wealth) Your Flocks and Herds

Know Well (Wealth) Your Flocks and Herds

Know Your Finances and Get out of Debt



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This book emphasizes that the first step in addressing any financial situation is to know your finances. Before you go, you got to know. To get out of debt, we first had to know what we had or didn’t have. Once we knew, we devised a plan to get out of debt. If we did it, you can do it. Know, plan, act and win. Know that God has called for believers to be stewards and not owners of the wealth He has placed in their hands.


The author and his family never went on vacation to Cancun, the Carribeans or owned a flat screen TV. Wasn’t living high on the hog, but found himself in more than $300K in debt. Working for the Government, he was just trying to live. After placing a debt free plan into effect, he and his family slowly climbed out of the debt hole and in 3 years, were debt free and in 5 years, was able to pay cash for their home.