Let There Be Light in Darkness

Let There Be Light in Darkness

Asif Shakoor


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Laughter is the light that seeps into the darkest moment of our lives. It is the only wisdom that brings us closer to our human nature. Let There Be Light In Darkness is a culmination of twenty-five years of reflection on meaningful existence and seeking simplicity in truth and purpose. The sole purpose in writing poetry is to awaken the conscious mind and to let the human spirit live in the wholeness of reality. As a physician, I have used poetry to heal the ailing soul by using a holistic and integrative approach to medicine. Words have the power to move the masses and change perception of reality so that humanity can strive toward greater good. Truth can only be known once we shed light into darkness and come out of our shadowy existence fully formed. Let There Be Light In Darkness is my way of looking deep into life's finite existence and walking toward my end with every moment of my beginning.


Asif Shakoor:
Asif Shakoor is a full-time physician in Erie, Pennsylvania. He was born in Pakistan and lived most of his life in Brooklyn, New York. He is married and has five wonderful children. His passions include teaching, drawing, reading, writing, collecting antique books, and playing handball. He is an introspective Sufi mystic and believes that all great religions are like branches of a tree that trace back to their one trunk of reality, rooted in God’s great love.