Vaping 101

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Vaping 101

History of Vaping

HowExpert, James Hale


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Vaping 101: History of Vaping takes a brief look at the history of this recent pastime, focusing first on tobacco and its place in various cultures through the past 2000 years. Vaping is built on the foundation of the smoking habit, with many people choosing to vape as an alternative to smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes and cigars.

The audiobook starts with a survey of tobacco use:

  • The plant that produces tobacco leaves
  • How smoking methods changed through the years
  • When science got involved in the smoking habit

With this basic information, the book moves onto a look at:

  • Early versions of the electronic cigarette
  • Various options for vaping
  • How this became a business
  • How it grew as a business
  • Improvements to vaping equipment and oils

The last part of the book gives details of:

  • How big tobacco gets involved in vaping
  • Natural vs. organic
  • Where the industry is now and where it is going in the future
  • Status of federal legislation regarding vaping

The subject is much too big to cover in a small space, but this audiobook is a good place to start if you want to know more about this popular pastime.

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