Hire Right, Fire Right

Hire Right, Fire Right

A Leader's Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Best People

Roxi Bahar Hewertson


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For the first time, and in one place, Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides decision makers at any supervisory level, exactly what they need to get it right every time they hire, develop, or fire someone.

In today’s complex and competitive world of work, organizations simply cannot afford a mismatched new hire, a loss of top talent, or a dreaded bad ‘goodbye’ following a difficult termination. Whether working to avoid budget mayhem or preserving your company’s image, learning how to navigate the hiring and firing process is a corporate essential.

Leadership expert and executive coach Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides insights and advice for avoiding these all-too-common business bumps in the road. She defines and explores the
ARC employee life cycle: Acquisition (hire right), Retention (nurture right), Closure (fire right). Acquiring and retaining talent, and eventually bringing closure when employees leave, is a relational, not a transactional process.

Hire Right, Fire Right successfully guides decision makers through those key interactions with new and current employees arming leaders with a powerful set of tangible tools to help ensure their organizations are well equipped to take on these talent management challenges - and win.

By following Hewertson’s three systems of hiring, developing, and terminating employees, decision makers will be empowered to:

  • Dramatically increase your company’s success rate of hiring the right people for the right job
  • Measurably boost employee retention rates
  • Significantly lower the risk of lawsuits, arbitrations, and damage to your organization’s reputation if things end badly


Roxi Bahar Hewertson:
Roxi Bahar Hewertson is a leadership expert with over three decades of practical experience in the worlds of higher education, business, and non-profits. She is an organizational consultant, executive coach, motivational speaker, and author of the acclaimed book, Lead Like it Matters…Because it Does (2014), providing leaders with a step-by-step roadmap and practical tools to achieve great results. She is the CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. and AskRoxi.com.