Practical Shop Math

Practical Shop Math

Simple Solutions to Workshop Fractions, Formulas + Geometric Shapes

Tom Begnal


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Key Selling Points

  • Previous edition sold over 12K in trade and woodworking specialty channels.
  • All woodworkers need to know the basics of fractions, decimals, and geometry to engage in woodworking.
  • Makes the math – both easy and complicated – essential to successful woodworking easy to understand so woodworkers can get back to building. 
  • With the mystery and intimidation of math removed from the workshop, a woodworker’s skill and satisfaction is much improved. 


  • Woodworking hobbyists and professionals.
  • DIY-ers and carpenters
  • Woodworking instructors


Tom Begnal:

Tom Begnal is a life-long woodworker whose interest in the craft evolved into a full-time furniture business in northwestern Connecticut. He moved on to become the managing editor of The Woodworker's Journal magazine for more than fifteen years and eventually joined the editoral staff at Shopnotes in Des Moines, Iowa. His final stop was Fine Woodworking magazine where, among other things, he edited the Tools and Materials department. He has also written or edited woodworking and how-to books for several publishers including F+W Publications, McGraw-Hill, Rodale Press and Sterling Publishing. Retired, Tom still woodworks and lives in Connecticut.