Classic Restaurants of Louisville

Classic Restaurants of Louisville

Stephen Hacker


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The stories of Louisville's best-remembered restaurants are chock-full of legendary locations, huge personalities and well-loved recipes. Find out how a silly joke about "Hillbilly Tea" became an international sensation. Discover the origins of Casa Grisanti and why there would be no Queenie Bee without it. Enter the "World of Swirl" surrounding the rise and fall of Lynn's Paradise Café. Enjoy menus, memories and more of favorites found across the Derby City through the decades. Author Stephen Hacker serves up this history and more, complete with photography by Dan Dry and John Nation.


Stephen Hacker:
An award-winning author and brand strategist, Stephen Hacker enjoys history, cooking and chickens. His restaurant experience spans waiting tables, testing menu items and creating advertising campaigns, as well as writing reviews for local, national and international publications, including Louisville Magazine and Eater. Along with his spouse, Michelle Turner, he is the author of Lost Restaurants of Louisville.