Philosophy, Art, and Humanity

Philosophy, Art, and Humanity

Suda Paul


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This book is a product of my lifelong wonder about being a human with the questions, Why I am here on earth? What had I done wrong or right before I was born? What influenced or dictated my life, and why do I have to suffer? And where exactly am I going in the future and after death? Self-awareness and realization that I can do something, if not all, to live my life in a hopeful manner led me to imagine the connection of the present and the future, which is doing one's best at the present moment. An inborn capacity and accumulative learning experiences to know what is right or wrong are a foundation for me to keep focusing on trying to do my best to make good things happen. I feel hurt and uneasy when there are bad and sad news resulted from people, young or not young, making unwise decisions, causing chaos, injuries, and loss of life (lives). Being calm and trying to think carefully helps me put life's challenges into perspectives and move on instead of being frozen by sadness, frustration, and uncertainty. In certain situations, I place myself in the center, surrounded by other people or circumstances; in other situations, I am a surrounding factor for others—comparable to circular arts called mandala. It is a metaphorical artful reflection of thinking process and personal experiences open for everyone's imagination and/or applications to self and social development. The combination of cognition, love of arts, and realization of the goodness in humanity inspired me to publish this book, with hope to create a series of artful life comprehension expression and spiritual alignment to others in the direction of ongoing process of human progress.