Textures of Belonging

Textures of Belonging

Senses, Objects and Spaces of Romanian Roma

Andreea Racleș


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The longstanding European conception that Roma and non-Roma are separated by unambiguous socio-cultural distinctions has led to the construction of Roma as “non-belonging others.” Challenging this conception, Textures of Belonging explores how Roma negotiate and feel belonging at the everyday level. Inspired by material culture, sensorial anthropology, and human geography approaches, this book uses ethnographic research to examine the role of domestic material forms and their sensorial qualities in nurturing connections with people and places that transcend socio-political boundaries.


Andreea Racleș:

Andreea Racleș has a background in social anthropology and is currently a lecturer and member of academic staff at the Institute for Sociology at Justus-Liebig University Giessen in Germany. She was awarded the Herbert-Stolzenberg-Prize for Excellent Dissertation Projects in the Study of Culture (2019).