Words from the Window Seat

Words from the Window Seat

The Everyday Magic of Kindness, Courage, and Being Your True Self

Taylor Tippett


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With charm, inspiration, and plenty of whimsy, Taylor reminds us that even in a weary world, it’s possible to celebrate the beauty in each person’s unique story—and make a difference that goes deeper than you’ll ever know.

Flight attendant Taylor Tippett had just finished beverage service and was sitting in the back of a Boeing 737 when she had a revelation: How can I show kindness to these passengers if I can’t show it to myself? She grabbed a tiny notepad and a Sharpie and wrote: “Be kind to yourself.” Before she had time to think about it, Taylor taped the note to a window, posted a picture, and then left the slip of paper in a seat-back pocket for someone on the next flight to find. And soon what started as a personal project to encourage herself and others became a viral sensation.

In Words from the Window Seat, Taylor shares stories of her travels, daily life, and interactions with people of all kinds, anchoring each chapter around a note she’s left for a stranger to find. As she takes you from Chicago to Paris to Barcelona on planes, trains, and even a skateboard, you’ll

  • learn how to embody love in the midst of someone else’s ordinary day through little acts of kindness;
  • discover the small moments of magic that happen when you have the courage to find them; and
  • find ways to embrace your authentic self, even though life can be hard.


Taylor Tippett:

Taylor Tippett is the flight attendant who is nationally known for leaving random notes on airplanes to make people's day. She shares her travels, lifestyle, photos from her series project "Words from the Window Seat," and other work online and has built a tribe of more than 115,000 fans and followers along the way. Taylor's acts of kindness have received recognition from HuffPost, Instagram, ABC News, Discovery Channel, TIME, and others. When not living out of her suitcase, Taylor lives full-time in Los Angeles. She enjoys dance parties, Justin Bieber, and her wide collection of houseplants that, by God's grace, are still alive.